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A people’s programme to replenish Indian Culture

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Role of NCF 



The NCF will be managed and administered through a scheme formulated for the purpose which provides for a Council - to decide the policies - and an Executive Committee - to actualise those policies. The Council will be chaired by the Union Minister of Tourism & Culture  and will have a maximum strength of 24 including both the Chairman and the Member-Secretary. The important point, however, is that the presence of non-official members on the Council, representing various fields including corporate sector, private foundations and not-for-profit voluntary organizations, will be overwhelming. Please composition of the present Council in annexure I. 

The Executive Committee will have the Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Culture as its President. Here too, the majority of members will be non-officials. And obviously a conscious attempt has been made to give the private sector/NGOs a decisive role in the management of the NCF so as to convey, in no uncertain terms, the fact that the NCF is truly a people's programme in terms of people's priorities. 



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